Cornish Bamboo Coffins

The Cornish Bamboo Coffin company is a small family run business with a
caring sustainable philosophy at its heart and this caring philosophy shines
through in every step of the hand making process which goes into making
each Cornish Bamboo Coffin.

We harvest our sustainable bamboo from sites across Cornwall and then
clean, process and weave it into coffins in our workshop in Perranwell Station.

Each process we use to make our coffins is carried out by hand, it takes us
approximately four days to make each Cornish Bamboo Coffin.

All the materials used in our coffins have been carefully selected for their
sustainability and wherever possible they are certified as organic.

Cornish Bamboo coffins are suitable for burial, burial within a natural burial
site and cremation.

Every Cornish Bamboo Coffin is unique and made with pride to honour
your loved one and care for the planet.

The exclusive design of the Cornish Bamboo Coffin allows you to

 make a unique tribute to your loved one by choosing a colour
combination that commemorate and honours their memory.

"The coffin couldn’t have looked more beautiful if you had tried…and the craftsmanship and love and respect that you put into it was very evident, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to go that extra bit for their loved one/s"

Lorraine Jordan 


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