Pricing & Ordering

Pricing & Ordering

At Cornish Bamboo Coffins we know that the loss of a loved one can make it difficult to think about all the arrangements necessary for a funeral, which is why we aim to make ordering our coffins as stress-free as posibble.

Ordering a coffin through a funeral director. 

Select the style of coffin you would like, pass the details to your Funeral Directors, they will order one of our coffins for you.  We will work with your Funeral Director to ensure the safe arrival of the coffin of your choice.

Ordering the coffin direct from Cornish Bamboo Coffins. 

Contact us directly to discuss your coffin requirements we will then contact your funeral director to attain the necessary details and arrange delivery.

If you are not using a funeral director and arranging the funeral yourself,

we are happy to discuss all the necessary details with you and arrange delivery of the coffin to your chosen venue.

Information required

  • Choice of colour
  • Size of the deceased
  • Is the coffin for cremation or burial
  • Deceased’s details for the name panel
  • Delivery address
  • The address to which the invoice should be sent

Cost £850  no mater what size of coffin or colour scheme chosen. 

Our coffins come fully lined, contain an organic hessian pillow, cotton shrowed and name panel.  The cost inclueds free delivery within Cornwall. Purchase’s outside of Cornwall are required to organise their own individual collection and delivery.

If you are ordering independently payment must be made on receipt of invoice.

Should you have any issues obtaining a Cornish Bamboo Coffin or would like one of our brochures to take to your funeral director please contact us on 07508 429 344 or by email at . 

Cornish Bamboo Coffins are suitable for burial, burial within a natural burial site and cremation.


Our coffins will be delivered in Cornwall or ready for collection within ten working days of receipt of the order.


It is a requirement of Crematoriums and Cemeteries that a coffin has some form of identification Label containing the legal name of the deceased.   All Cornish Bamboo Coffins have a hand-written name panel which is included in the coffin price.

Due to the curved design of the coffin top, small light floral memorial arrangements are only suitable for placement on the coffin.

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