Sustainability & Materials

Sustainability & Materials

Unlike traditional bamboo basket work, which is often made from a single type of bamboo, our bamboo coffins are produced using a wide variety of species giving an individual natural look to each coffin. 

This non-selective approach means that the working properties of the bamboo are unpredictable and slight variations in the colour and shape of the finished article are part of its unique quality. 

This approach allows us to fully utilise all available materials, minimise waste and fulfil our sustainable ethos.  We will weave the coffin top to your choice of colours, from a single colour through to all the colours of the rainbow.   

Wherever possible the textiles used in the weaving are certified organic through institutions such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), where this certification is not available the material is always 100% natural and biodegradable.

Due to the nature of the fabric dyeing process we are unable to guarantee that the images shown will be an exact match to the final product.

The rope we use is manufactured from plant-based materials by Nutscene, a Scottish company which started in 1922 and still manufacture their own twines using traditional methods on their original machinery.

All our coffins are supplied lined with two layers of organic hessian and a layer of biodegradable film and a hessian pillow.

Funeral services and suppliers

Based in the countryside outside Truro, the Cornish Funeral Company are an independent funeral company with a fresh approach.  They offer a personal and caring service, from direct cremation to bespoke funerals, only using environmentally friendly coffins and are delighted to add Cornish Bamboo Coffins to their range of suppliers.

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